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We make games that bring back the look of the 90s: simple, creative, and amusing graphics that combine pixel art with vectors. Our team works from three different countries over two continents, which goes to show it's about connecting the right people to make the right games. We are all gamers, we make games for gamers, and we're only getting started.

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Swords & Crossbones on Steam

Swords & Crossbones
on Steam

Tactical combat! A well crafted turn based tactical RPG full of nuance and depth!

Swords & Crossbones on Android

Swords & Crossbones on Google Play

Sail the ocean! With over a dozen islands to explore, there's a lot to see, and to fight, there's monsters, treasures...

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Swords & Crossbones on the App Store

Daring battles! Defeat the ten pirate lords of the archipelago and stop their terrible reigns of terror! .

The Conquest: Colonization 
on Google Play

The Conquest: Colonization
on Google Play

Explore ruins, small villages and search for wonders like Machu Pichu or the Chichen Itza.

Epic Pirates Story 
on Google Play

Epic Pirates Story
on Google Play

Duke A.Blizzardo, an evil pirate King, terrorizes the Caribbean...

Epic Pirates Story 
on the App Store

Epic Pirates Story
on the App Store

...You seek revenge, as he was the one who took your father away.

The Team

Swords & Crossbones: AEPS


Lyubomir, BG

Lead Developer
Bonnie T. Ecks

Zwetan, DE

Lead Payer

Matthew, US

Lead Writer

Patrick, UK

Cash Machine
A Pirate

Andrew, CO

Graphic Monkey

Vesselin, DE

Sound & Music

    And more to come...

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